About our farms and products

Sample Spain supply high-quality unique produce and gifts from long-established farms in the rich and fertile Northern Costa Blanca area on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

All our products are carefully and respectfully selected from local and family-run farms.  They use age-old traditions in a responsible, ecological and sustainable manner and because these are “zero kilometre” products, they support local producers and maintain the natural agricultural landscape.  Above all, these products are of the highest quality using traditional methods handed down through the generations and contain all the essence of Mediterranean nature.

There is a higher demand for agricultural products cultivated in an ecological manner therefore we have chosen our products which are grown, raised and processed using natural methods to achieve food products that do not contain chemical additives or synthetic compounds.  The processes are labour intensive because of the care required in organic bee-keeping, from pollination to the extraction of honey, to the hand-picked saffron whose precious filaments are historically considered to be the best in the world.

Our aim is to share these healthy, natural and exclusive gift products with you.  Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% organic, available in a variety of aromatic flavours, as is the herb infused honey;  our select quality saffron was the first ground saffron in the market adding colour, aroma and flavour to so many dishes;  our authentic sweet and exquisite Muscat raisins are lovingly hand-picked and prepared in the traditional method with the stalks intact. 

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